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Abigail McKnight is the late mother of Gwynevere and Elaine McKnight and the wife of Percival McKnight. She was the last known survivor of the Westbrook family, who had the power of healing through mag energy. This power was passed down to her children, but, Gwyn only got a small portion while Zaylin got most of it. She was a well-known Dragon Racer and worked with Penn Racing, alongside her husband. Her dragon was a female dark blue and pale purple Black Psi-Class dragon named Morning Midnight, Midnight for short.

When her children were born, Abigail could sense that one of them had a rare power within. Sadly, Abigail died with Percival in a terrible racing crashing. Though, strangely, both Midnight and Percival's dragons survived the crash now live with Conner Penn at Penn Stables.

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