Abner the Tiger
Personal data
Age 69
Gender Male
Species Mobian tiger
Morality Good
Living status Deceased
Fate Unknown
Additional info
Place of origin Dragon Kingdom
Nationality Mobian
Hair color Dark orangish-red
Eye color Blue
Fur color Orange, black
Wife Brisa
Daughters Lilac
Nieces Aithne
Grandchildren Felix, Carmen, Leya, Diego (step), Zarina
Powers and skills
Skills Hand to hand combat
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020

Abner the Tiger (アブナー・ザ・タイガー Abunaa za Taigaa) was a 69 year old anthropomorphic male Mobian tiger, the husband of Brisa, the brother in law of Sapphire, uncle of Aithne and the father of Lilac the Tiger. Through Lilac's marriage to King Antonio of Hidden Valley, he is the step-grandfather of Felix, Carmen, Leya and Diego. He is also the biological grandfather of Zarina the Tiger.

Physical description

Abner was a normal colored tiger, having the signature orange fur with black stripes. He had blue eyes and spiky dark orangish-red hair. 


Abner's full personality is unknown. But from Lilac, he was a caring and doting father and husband to Brisa. 



  • Brisa: Brisa was Abner's wife. His relationship with her is unknown, but he was very loving and caring to her.
  • Lilac: Abner was very loving and doted his daughter.
  • Sapphire: Abner's relationship with his sister in law, Brisa's twin sister, is unknown.
  • Aithne: It is unknown what Abner's relationship with his niece was.



  • Enhanced Agility
  • Enhanced Senses
    • Night vision: Abner had the ability to see in the dark.


  • Claw retraction: Abner had the ability to retract his claws. 
  • Hand to hand combat: Abner was exceptionally skilled in hand to hand combat, which he taught to his daughter.


Abner was born in the Dragon Kingdom. He later moved out of the Dragon Kingdom and began to travel around Mobius. At some point in time, he met Brisa, a tiger with wings, who he then fell in love with and found special, despite her having wings.

A few years after being married, they had 1 child, a daughter named Lilac. Abner doted on her and spoiled her greatly. He sadly passed away during Lilac's travels with Mobius. 


  • Abner is a Hebrew name meaning "Father is light, or father of light".
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