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Personal data
Gender Female
Species Cat
Occupation Warrior of MoonClan
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Additional info
Place of origin MoonClan Camp
Residence MoonClan Camp
Eye color Blue
Fur color Gray
Mate Leopardfang
Father Shadowfrost
Mother Moonheart
Siblings Stonekit (brother)
Windblaze and Blazekit (half-brothers)
Frostkit (half-sistr)
Aunt Mosskit (aunt)
Nightfall (aunt)
Mintflower (great-great-aunt)
Grandparents Graystar (maternal grandfather)
Darkflower (maternal grandmother)
Nightwhisper (paternal grandfather)
Ebonyfur (paternal grandmother)
Affiliation MoonClan
Mentor(s) Sharpfang
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020
Appearances Appleheart's Path

Appleheart is the only daughter of Shadowfrost and Moonheart and the sister of the deceased Stonekit. 


Appleheart is a small light gray tabby she-cat with blue eyes.


Applekit is born to Shadowfrost and Moonheart and the sister of Stonekit. However, when she and Stonekit were two moons old, MoonClan was attacked by badgers and Stonekit died.

She is later seen waiting for her grandfather to return from the Whispering Cave and later greets him warmly. 


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