Aragorn Reynolds is Kylie Reynolds' pet German Shepherd; he is two and a half-years-old. He was given to Kylie as a gift by Devon and Samara to help keep her company during their travels. Blake had since moved and begun to live his own life. Despite his age, Aragorn is highly protective over Kylie and will do anything to protect her. Aragon has a mind of his own and will follow Kylie everywhere she goes, even if the place might not be dog-friendly. During her summer trip to Europe with Jesse, Aragorn joined; Kylie refused to leave her "baby" at home. While Kylie is attending Duel Academy, Aragon lives with Blake and his girlfriend Aria King.


  • Aragorn is named after the Lord of the Rings character of the same name.
    • The idea for the name was from a story found on WattPad.
  • Aragorn was originally a female Golden Retriever named Dianna, named after the Roman Goddess, Diana.
  • Aragorn is set to appear in a Modernize Fanfiction called New Changes.
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