Archibald "Archer" Reydon
Archibald 'Archer' Reydon

Archer is a Ra Yellow Student that duels with Spellcasters and Warriors.

Personal data
Nicknames Archer (preferred name)
Age 16 (Season 1; recently turned)
17 (Season 2)
18 (Season 3-4)
Gender Male
Species Human
Deck Spellcaster
Occupation Student of Duel Academy
Ra Yellow
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Additional info
Place of origin London, England
Residence Duel Academy, Japan
Date of birth 10 August 2001
Star Sign Leo
Ethnicity English
Nationality English-Japanese
Hair color Silver-white
Eye color Hazel-orange
Skin color Pale
Height 5'8"
Love interest Alexis Rhodes
Relatives Alaric Reydon (father)
Zoe Matthews (mother; estranged)
Sophia Kobayashi (paternal aunt)
Kenji Kobayashi (uncle, by marriage)
Akari Kobayashi (cousin)
Affiliation Ra Yellow, Duel Academy
Friends Bastion Misawa
Powers and skills
Skills Dueling proficiency
Equipment Duel Disk
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020
Appearances Trials of Darkness
Chaos of The Light
The Dark Dimensions
Nightmare of Darkness
My dad means everything to me.
Archibald Reydon

Archibald Reydon (アチボールド・レイドン Achiboorudo Reidon), better known as "Archer" (アチャー Achaa) is the son of Alaric Reydon and Zoe Matthews, nephew of Sophia Kobayashi and Kenji Kobayashi, and cousin of Akari Kobayashi. He is a First-Year Ra Yellow Student and duels with a LIGHT Deck.

Physical description

Archer has shoulder-length, spiky, silver-white hair that curls at his neck, and hazel-orange eyes with a very pale skin tone. He wears the Ra Yellow uniform, his jacket remains open, dark pants, and sneakers. His deck case is attached to a belt around his waist. He also wears a silver dog tag under his shirt that has his and his father's names on it, two silver rings on his right hand and has a piercing in his left ear.

When not in uniform, he usually wears a black sleeveless hoodie over a short-sleeve light gray shirt, blue jeans and sneakers. He still wears his deck case.


Archer is a calm guy who often acts as the peacekeeper between friends. He cares very much for his family. He doesn't like bullies since he was once bullied. He is shy when talking to girls.

When he starts developing feelings for Alexis, he ends up being quieter than he normally is and wherever he's near her, he ends up stuttering.



  • Dueling proficiency: Archer is a skilled duelist, able to work with anything he has on hand.


  • Academy-Issued Duel disk


Prior to the series

Archer was born to Alaric Reydon and Zoe Matthews and lived a normal life in London, England. However, when he was six, his mother walked out on him and his father leaving Alaric to raise and care for Archer. Alaric did what he could but then things started to go south.

When things began to go south, Alaric's sister, Sophia, had them move to Japan where she was living with her family, husband Kenji Kobayashi and daughter Akari. When he was eight-years-old, his cousin Emi got him into Duel Monsters. She had taken him to see a duel between two pro-duelists. She later gave Archer one of her cards, "Athena", and began to help Archer make his deck, a "LIGHT" deck.

Trials of Darkness

Archer appears in chapter 3, where he talks to Kylie in needing a book for his own history class.


(Deck is a work in progress)

Archer duels with a LIGHT-based deck, varying from different types of monsters.

Effects Monsters

  • Eva
  • Sacred Arch-Airknight Parshath
  • Minerva, Scholar of the Sky
  • Neo-Parshath the Sky Paladin
  • Airknight Parshath
  • Splendid Venus
  • Athena
  • Tethys, Goddess of Light
  • Hecatrice
  • Gellenduo
  • Nova Summoner
  • Honest
  • A-Assault Core
  • B-Buster Drake
  • C-Crush Wyvern
  • Buster Blader

Fusion Monsters

  • ABC-Dragon Buster
  • A-to-Z-Dragon Buster Cannon - with Chazz Princeton (ABC-Dragon Buster + XYZ-Dragon Cannon)
  • Buster Blader, the Dragon Destroyer Swordsman (Buster Blader + 1 Dragon type)

Spell cards

  • The Sanctum of Parshath
  • The Sanctuary in the Sky
  • Cards from the Sky
  • Celestial Transformation
  • Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen
  • Ties of the Brethren
  • Polymerization

Trap cards

  • Rebirth of Parshath
  • Light of Judgement
  • Miraculous Descent
  • Synthetic Seraphim
  • Divine Punishment
  • Dark Bribe
  • Negate Attack
  • Mirror Force
  • Solemn Warning
  • Ultimate Providence
  • Drastic Drop Off
  • Recall


  • Archer gets seasick.
  • Reydon is an English last name".
  • Archibald is an English male's name.
  • The picture is the only placeholder until Shadows can get Archer drawn.
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