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Personal data
Alias "The Thunder Dragon"
Age 16
Gender Male
Species Dragon
Occupation Dragon of Maegan Coleman
Member of the Dragon Eye Crew (formerly)
Classification Black Psi
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Additional info
Place of origin Somewhere in Dragon City
Residence With Maegan
Ethnicity Draconian
Eye color Amber (normal)
Orange (transformed)
Scale color Dark purple, black (normal)
Dark red, orange (transformed)
Draconium Red orange
Relatives Unknown
Affiliation Dragon Eye Crew (formerly)
Crew Dragon Eye Crew (formerly)
Rider Maegan Coleman
Friends Decepshun (sometimes), Coershun
Enemies Penn Racing Crew (sometimes)
Powers and skills
Powers Mag energy manipulation, high intelligence, martial arts, psi, enhanced speed, agility, and strength
Weaknesses Protective over Maegan
Equipment Gear
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020

Avalon is Maegan Coleman's male Black Psi-Class dragon.

Physical description

Avalon is a slim and lean male Black Psi-class Dragon. He stands a few inches taller than Moordyn Paynn's dragon, Decepshun, and has black and dark purple scales. He also has amber eyes.

When he transforms as Maegan becomes the Sun Booster, his scales turn dark red and orange, and his eyes turn red-orange.


Like many Psi class dragons, Avalon is incredibly smart and rather independent, but, will still work with Maegan with no trouble. He is not mean or cruel like some of the Black Psi-class are stereotyped to be. He has a close bond with Maegan and is very protective over her.


As a dragon, Avalon has many abilities, including durability, enhanced speed, agility, and strength and also the ability to manipulate mag energy. He also possesses special traits that only his class has. 


  • Mag-energy manipulation: Avalon has the ability to control his mag-energy allowing him to do a variety of things. He mainly uses it when Maegan tells him to Mag her in order for her to do something during a race or something else.
  • High Intelligence: Avalon is incredibly smart which makes him be able to do things some dragons may not quite understand. He understands pretty much all of what Maegan says. Though smart, he doesn't quite understand things Maegan does if she doesn't want to do something. This is seen when after she and Gwynevere McKnight have their fight and she refuses to speak with it. But, she stays and watches what Gwyn does when her former Crew, the Dragon Eye attack Penn stables for Beau.
  • PSI: Avalon is capable of using PSI, as a trait that his class of dragons has. 
  • Martial arts: Like the other Black Psi-class dragons, Avalon is able to use martial arts.
  • Enhanced durability
  • Enhanced Senses
  • Enhanced speed, agility, and strength


Little is known about Avalon's past. At some point in time, he met and bonded with orphan Maegan and the two become best friends. A few years of roaming the streets, homeless, and with little food and water and money, they were later taken in by Word Paynn, with the only option to work for him in exchange for food and water. Avalon did not like him and still doesn't. He also thinks he might be hiding something, but is afraid to mention it to Maegan.


  • Avalon is named after the fictional world of the same name.
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