Ayla Princeton is the only daughter of Chazz Princeton and Elena Santos

Elena passed away giving birth to Ayla, which crushed Chazz, but he remained strong for his daughter. Ayla knows pretty much nothing about her mother as Chazz doesn't openly talk about her. Despite Elena's passing, Chazz makes sure Ayla still knows her mother's brothers, Carlos and Aaron Santos, both of who are in Ayla's life.

Ayla is a huge "Daddy's Girl" and will do anything for her father. Chazz is very protective over Ayla and wants to make sure she has the best, unlike what happened with him. Like her father, Ayla is capable of seeing Duel Spirits with her Duel Spirit being Ojama Yellow, though she is able to communicate with her other Monsters.

Ayla's best friend is, surprisingly, Syrus Truesdale's son, Zack Truesdale.

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