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Blake Reynolds
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Blake is a professional duelist specializing with dragons types and is the older brother of Kylie.

Personal data
Alias King of Dragons
Age 23 (Season 1)
24 (Season 2)
25 (Season 3-4)
Gender Male
Species Human
Deck "Dragon's Heart"
Occupation Professional Duelist
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Additional info
Place of origin Almería, Andalusia, Spain
Residence Domino City, Japan
Date of birth 29 February 1992
Star Sign Pisces
Ethnicity American-Norwegian
Nationality American-Norwegian
Hair color Blonde-white
Eye color Dark red
Skin color Tan
Height 6'5" (182 cm)
Love interest Aria King
Relatives Kylie Reynolds (younger sister)
Devon Reynolds (father)
Samara Reynolds (mother)
Aerwyna Reynolds (paternal grandmother
Partner "Chaos Heart Dragon"
Affiliation Reynolds family
Friends Alejandro García
Powers and skills
Powers Duel Spirit Communication
Skills Dueling proficiency, martial arts
Weaknesses Protective over Kylie
Equipment Duel Disk
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020
Appearances Trials of Darkness
Chaos of The Light
Nightmare of Darkness
New Changes (alternate counterpart)
Caught Between Two Worlds (alternate counterpart)
The Lost Heirs (alternate counterpart)

Blake Alejandro Reynolds (ブレイク・レイノルズ Bureiku Renarudozu) is the son of Devon and Samara Reynolds, grandson of Aerwyna Reynolds, and the older brother of Kylie Reynolds. He is a Professional Duelist and duels with his father's "Dragon's Heart" Deck, with his Duel Spirit being "Chaos Heart Dragon".

He currently lives in Domino City, Japan with his best friend and manager Alejandro García and girlfriend Aria King. As his parents travel through Europe as archaeologists, Blake acts as Kylie's legal guardian during the time she is living with him and attending Duel Academy.

Physical description

Blake is literally a mixture of his parents, having his father's pale, blonde-white hair, and mother's dark red eyes. His hair is shoulder-length, with the back going past his shoulders, and is rather shaggy. His ears are both pierced twice and he wears two silver bands on his middle finger and next finger. His casual attire consists of a black sleeveless vest over a white dress shirt with the sleeveless rolled to elbows, dark gray jeans, and red and white sneakers. He wears a dark colored belt with a black deck case around his waist. 


Blake is very mature, making Kylie his top priority–Aria does come in second. He does everything he can for Kylie even if she doesn't want it, but she understands. He is very close to Kylie, as he pretty much took care of Kylie when their parents were called out to a dig, but still maintains a decent parent-child relationship with his parents. He also has a somewhat short temper, but it isn't bad, it only goes off if someone annoys him to great measures or if someone pisses him off (and flirts with Aria when he is standing right next to her).

He is very affectionate with Aria and will tell her that he loves her all the time. Sometimes, he is afraid Aria will leave him because back when they were dating, he wouldn't stop talking about Kylie to Aria - she told him it was alright and was happy that he was talking so highly of his sister. She never met anyone like it.



  • Duel spirit communication: Like his sister, Blake is able to see Duel Spirits, but unlike her, Blake's always been able to see Spirits.


  • Dueling proficiency: As a Professional Duelist, Blake is a skilled duelist. He is quickly able to adapt and change a current plan if he needs to.
  • Caretaking: Blake is excellent in caretaking, being able to both do something on his own and take care of his sister.
  • Cooking: Once he graduated high school, Blake began to learn how to cook, so he wouldn't have to do take out all the time when attending a college. Aria also helped him out as her step-father was the owner of a restaurant.


  • Protective of Kylie: Blake is very protective over Kylie. He will easily protect Kylie if needed but also knows when to back off. When he can't be near Kylie, he will normally have her Duel Spirits look after her for him.
  • Stressing over things: Blake has an extremely bad habit where he stresses over things, and tend to make him sick. Aria is working on helping him with this, but it's hard.


  • KaibaCorp duel disk


Being Rewritten

Trials of Darkness

Blake appears in the second chapter taking Kylie to the docks and then seeing her off to Duel Academy. He doesn't physically appear for the rest of the story but is mentioned many times by Kylie.


Devon and Samara Reynolds

Blake has a normal parent-child relationship with his parents. Though, his relationship is much closer than with Kylie and their parents. Devon and Samara didn't do much work when Blake was growing up, it was only after Kylie was born where they were deeper into their careers. While he doesn't like it, he knows his parents are doing it for both him and Kylie.

Aerwyna "Aeryn" Reynolds

Aerwyna is Blake's paternal grandmother. While he doesn't see her very much due to his parents' job, he does call, email, and Skype her every weekend. He loves her very much and has been sending her some of his winnings since he entered the professional league. When he went to college, Aeryn let him stay with her for free, though he hated that and tried to pay back, his grandmother wouldn't let him.

Kylie Reynolds

Unlike some siblings, Blake is extremely close to Kylie. When they were younger, Blake noticed Kylie following him around all over the place, which he didn't mind. Their bond grew, even more, when Blake increased when he took her to her first Duel Monsters Tournament where Kylie got "Dark Armed Dragon". After that, he helped Kylie build her Deck. Nine months prior to "Trials of Darkness", Blake gifted Kylie with the "Dracosmos" cards.

Aria King

Aria is Blake's girlfriend of two years, having known for about five. (more coming soon)

Alejandro García

Alejandro is Blake's best friend and also his manager. They originally met in College, where Alejandro was a new guy from another country and had trouble understanding English. Blake was his roommate and being born in Spain, picked up some things before he and his parents moved. They became close friends and took to each other as brothers. It was also Alejandro that got Blake to speak with Aria. Following them graduating college, the two and Aria move to Domino City, since then that's where Blake's parents are stationed.


Blake duels with a "Dragonheart" deck, a deck full of Dragons. Blake doesn't have the main strategy, but tends to work on summoning his ace and partner "Chaos Heart Dragon".

Name Etymology

Blake comes from Old English blæc (black, dark-complexioned) and from the Old English blāc (bright, shining, pale, wan). This tends to confuse people, due to Blake having nothing dark coloring on him. Reynolds is a patronymic surname meaning "son of Reynold", where the given name of the father, "Reynold", or "Reginald", was a Germanic name meaning "Powerful Ruler" (possibly an alteration of the Old French name Reinold). His middle name, Alejandro goes from the name "Alexander" but being the Spanish version, mostly due to being born in Spain.


  • Blake has a degree in Business Management from the University of Houston. He doesn't know why he got it but is more glad he has a degree, as a backup job.
  • Before college, Blake couldn't cook to save his life, but after many lessons, and thanks to Aria and Tyler, he's much better.
  • Blake inherited the "Dragon Heart" deck from his father on his sixth birthday.
  • While he was born in Spain, Blake is American-Norwegian because of his parentage.
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