Brooklyn Rey
Personal data
Nicknames Brook
Professor Rey
Mrs. Rey
Age 42, at death, would be 52
Gender Female
Occupation Professor of Ancient Ruins (formerly)
Graduate of Kaiba University
Living status Deceased
Fate Unknown Causes
Additional info
Place of origin Crevan Town
Hair color Blonde and brown
Eye color Grey
Skin color Pale
Relatives Ethan Rey (husband; deceased)
Unnamed lover
Ashley Rey (daughter)
Kieryn Rey (daughter)
Powers and skills
Powers Duel Spirit communication
Skills Extensive knowledge on Dueling History
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020
Appearances Legend of the Mythic Beasts (series)
Brooklyn Rey is a deuteragonist for the Legend of the Mythic Beasts series. She is the wife of the late Ethan Rey and mother of Ashley and Kieryn Rey. She was well known throughout Frey, for her Study of Ancient Ruins and Civilizations.

Physical description

Brooklyn was a very beautiful woman with long blonde and brown hair, with some parts of blonde reaching her shoulders and blue-gRey eyes. Before going to the Hospital, Brooklyn wore a light gRey blouse, a black knee-length skirt, and black heels.


When alive, Brooklyn was a kind, patient, loving and loving mother. She loved her daughters dearly, despite not living very long to see her youngest grow up. She had trouble with men after the passing her first husband Ethan, but continued on, until after she found a man who cared for her and Ashley, but only to vanish after she became pregnant with Kieryn.



  • Duel Spirit communication: While she didn't show it very often, Brooklyn did have the rare ability to see and talk with Duel Spirits, a power that was inherited by Kieryn.


  • Extensive knowledge of Ancient Ruins: As a professor studying Ancient Ruins, Brooklyn was very knowledgeable on the subject.


Brooklyn was born and raised in Crevan Town. Though, in her young adult years, after graduating from Kaiba University with full honours, she decided to travel through Frey.

At some point time, she met Ethan Rey and it was love at first sight. After dating for a few years, they married, and soon Ashley came. However, Ethan later passed away to unknown reasons, leaving Brooklyn a widow and Ashley fatherless.

A few years later, after dating and being heartbroken, Brooklyn met a man who cared for both her and Ashley. But when she became pregnant, he vanished, leaving her alone once more. Nine months later, she had Kieryn, who was born with her lover's eyes. Sadly, Brooklyn passed away just a few months after an unknown illness.


  • Brooklyn shares the same appearance with Memories of the King character, Akemi Sumeragi.
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