This page refers to the Sonic the Hedgehog character. For the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX character, see Carmen Cortez.
Carmen the Tiger
Personal data
Alias Princess of the Wind
Age 27
Gender Female
Species Mobian tiger
Occupation Princess of Hidden Valley
Morality Good
Living status Missing
Fate Forced to marry Legun and vanished
Additional info
Place of origin Hidden Valley
Nationality Mobian
Hair color Dark green
Eye color Amber
Fur color Pale green, black
Height 3'5" (106.7 cm)
Weight 77 lbs. (35 kg)
Husband Legun (arranged)
Father Antonio
Mother Lilac (step)
Neva (birth)
Siblings Felix, Leya, Diego
Zarina (step sister)
Ancestor Riviera
Affiliation House of Riviera. Hidden Valley
Enemies Antonio, Legun
Powers and skills
Ability Fly
Powers Wind manipulation, flight
Skills House caring skills
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020
Appearances Tiger's Treasure

Carmen the Tiger (カマン ・ザ ・タイガー Kaman za Taigaa) is a 27 year old year old anthropomorphic female Mobian tiger, the second daughter of Antonio and Neva, step daughter of Lilac, the younger sister of Felix, the older sister of Leya and Diego, and the eldest step sister of Zarina. She is also the wife of Legun, a darkness tiger through an arranged marriage by her father. 

Physical description

Carmen is a tall and slim tiger with silver fur and black stripes. She has long dark green hair which is normally kept in a braid, and amber eyes. She wears a black crop top, blue and black shorts and brown boots.



Carmen was born with Hecate's Spirit of Wind's powers over wind. She is very skilled with her element is able to do much with him. Prior to her mother's passing, Carmen was taught the skills that Felix was taught that should anything happen to Felix, she would be next in line for the throne.


  • Wind manipulation: Carmen has the power to control wind and air. She is able to repel electrical and sound attacks, in addition to lifting objects with air.
    • Wind generation: Carmen is powerful enough to easily generate wind out of nothing.
    • Windstorm manipulation: Carmen is able to control various wind related weather phenomena.
    • Aerokinetic combat: Carmen is able to fuse physical combat with air.
    • Aerokinetic constructs: Carmen is able to solidify air to form constructs, such as tool, weapons, appendages and barriers
    • Air walking: Carmen is able to walk on air.
    • Electrical resistance: Carmen is able to use the air to insulate electricity.
    • Telekinesis: Carmen is able to move the air around objects and levitate them.
    • Cyclone spinning: Carmen is able to use wind to spin like a tornado.
    • Sound absorption: Carmen is able to nullify sound waves by keeping air molecules still.
    • Aerokinetic flight: Carmen is able to make herself fly by using her wind powers.
  • Enhanced speed: Carmen can attain enhanced speed by augmenting the force of thrust to reduce drag.
  • Enhanced breath: Carmen can inhale and exhale at incredible force, generating a vortex of wind and creating gale-force winds.


  • Leadership skills: Carmen possess leadership skills, having learned from her father.
  • Hand to hand combat: Prior to her mother's death, Carmen was taught hand to hand combat, but after her mother died, she was forced to not to take lessons.
  • House caring skills: After her mother's passing, Carmen was forced to learn the skills that all the women in the Valley were to learn: cooking, cleaning, sewing, and taking care of the family.


  • Carmen is named after the Spy Kids movie female protagonist of the same name.
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