Cassiopeia Shine
Cassiopeia Shine
Personal data
Gender Female
Species Pegasus pony
Occupation Captain of the Oceania Royal Guard (Equestria)
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Additional info
Place of origin Oceania
Residence Oceania
Hair color Strong azure with Light cerulean streaks
Eye color Light cerulean
Fur color Light cyanish gray
Relatives Unnamed parents
Unnamed brothers and sisters
Perseus Estrella (husband)
Orion Blade (son)
Aquarius Starlight (daughter)
Affiliation Oceania
Powers and skills
Powers Flight
Skills Leadership skills, battle training
Equipment Armor
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020

Cassiopeia Shine, commonly referred to as Cassie, is the wife of Perseus Estrella and the mother of Orion Blade and Aquarius Starlight. Cassie was originally from Canterlot, Equestria, born into a wealthy family of pegasi and unicorns. She is the youngest of four - her two brothers being unicorns and sister being a pegasus.

As a filly, Cassie had dreams of being a member of the royal guard, she didn't take it lightly that some did not believe that mares could be in the guard. She soon told the others and ended up becoming second in command of Princess Celestia's guard.

Sometime later she was sent (with her own force of guards) to aid the kingdom of Oceania when they were being attacked. There she met her future husband, Perseus Estrella. After marrying and moving to Oceania (but still keeping in touch with here family in Canterlot and old friends) she became the mother of Orion and Aquarius. She later began co-captain of the royal guard of Oceania.

Her cutie mark is a gold shield with the Cassiopeia constellation


  • Cassiopeia is named after the constellation of the same name.
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