Typeicon-Bakugan Typeicon-Darkus
Cayleigh Quinton
Personal data
Nicknames Milady (by Sentinel Anubis)
Alias "The Hacker"
Age 15 (New Vestroia)
Gender Female
Species Vestal
Occupation Battle Brawlers
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Additional info
Place of origin Vestal
Residence Vestal
Hair color Purple-black
Eye color Dark gray
Skin color Pale
Relatives Sanara Quinton (mother, deceased)
Unnamed father</small>
Affiliation Bakugan Battle Brawlers Resistance
Ace monster Darkus Sentinel Anubis
Trap Darkus Amaryllis
Enemies Vexos
Powers and skills
Attribute Typeicon-Darkus Darkus
Skills Battle brawling, hacking, computer knowledge
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020
I've always been alone. That is until I found Amaryllis and Anubis.
Cayleigh Quinton

Cayleigh Quinton (クアイレイグホゥ・クイントーン Kuaireiguhu Kuintoon ), known throughout Vestal as "The Hacker", is a fifteen-year-old Vestal and a Darkus user. Her Guardian Bakugan is Darkus Sentinel Anubis and her trap is Darkus Amaryllis.

Physical appearance

Cayleigh is a young girl with mid-back length dark purple-black hair and dark gray eyes. Her bangs frame her face and she has some hanging in front of her eyes but doesn't bother to do anything about them. Her main attire consists of a hooded long-sleeve semi-trench coat over a dark gray sleeveless shirt very similar to Ace's, dark pants, brown calf-length boots, and black fingerless gloves. Her ears are also pierced twice. She often has her hood over her head hiding who she is, leaving only her eyes visible. Sentient Anubis is usually seen riding on her shoulder.


Cayleigh prefers to say in the shadows and help from there. She is very cautious with who she interacts with. It is unknown why she acts this way but could possibly be due to something in her past. No one knows. Despite her closed off personality, she does get along very well with her Guardian Bakugan. She listens to Anubis when he feels she should not do something. 



  • Bakugan battling: Even though she does not battle very much, Cayleigh is still able to hold her own in battle.
  • Hacking: Cayleigh is highly skilled in hacking able to quickly gain access to some of the hardest places.
  • Extensive computer knowledge: Cayleigh has built up some knowledge on how to work computers, especially in hacking.
  • Athleticism: Cayleigh is highly athletic since she has to sneak around.
  • Stealth and infiltration: Cayleigh is able to move around without being spotted. She has been able to infiltrate high-security locations to free enslaved Bakugan and move without giving away her position. She also has a knack with escaping people just after being spotted once.


  • Hand-held computer: Cayleigh also carries around a small handheld computer that helps her hack into larger computers with a vast amount of data. She usually doesn't use the computer, but just a cable.
  • Customized Gauntlet: Cayleigh is always seen with her customized Gauntlet on her arm. She almost never takes it off. The difference between hers and the Vexos and Resistance gauntlet is that hers is more black in color but still has purple trims.


  • Cayleigh was originally going to be related to a member but was later changed.
  • Cayleigh's name is often spelled as "Cayley" or "Caylee" which helps keep the police off her. 
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