Chico the Chao
Chico the Chao

Chico is a Hero Chao and companion of Zarina the Tiger
Art by Icyi

Personal data
Age Uncertain
Gender Genderless, appears Male
Species Hero Chao
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Additional info
Place of origin Unknown
Residence With Zarina
Hair color White, gold top
Eye color Blue
Fur color White and Gray
Height ½ ft. (15 cm)
Weight 15 lbs. (7 kg)
Affiliation Zarina the Tiger
Friends Zarina the Tiger
Powers and skills
Powers Spark manipulation, flight, enhanced speed, and agility
Skills Emotional empathy
Weaknesses Small size
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020


Appearances Tiger's Treasure

Chico the Chao (チーコー ・ザ ・チャウ Chiikoo za Chau) is a Hero Chao and the companion of Zarina the Tiger. Though Chao is genderless, Chico appears as a male. 

Physical description

Even though he does not share any form of appearance to Zarina, his appearance could be due to the fact that her father is a canine. Chico appears as a white Chao with silver-and-gray fur covering his body. He has matching wings and sharp claws and a long fluffy tail. He also has a golden halo floating above his head.


Like any other Chao, Chico is playful and kind and is very sensitive to Artymis' feelings. In addition, as a Hero Chao, he is much nicer than other Chaos and will voice his annoyance when someone is annoying Frost. Despite when he is mad, only Hikari and Cheese is able to calm him down.


Zarina the Tiger

Zarina is whom Chico will bond with.


Chico has many abilities due to his Chao physiology in addition to some powers he inherited through his bond with Zarina.


  • Spark manipulation: Through his bond with Zarina, Chico has gained the ability to manipulate sparks.
  • Canine physiology: Due to her bond with Zarina, Chico has taken on many physical traits, namely her birth father's tail, and claws.
  • Reincarnation: As a Chao, Chico reincarnates at the end of each life cycle.
  • Flight


It is unknown when Zarina and Chico met, but they formed a strong and powerful bond which resulted in Chico gaining canine-like features, which was confusing to Zarina.

Tiger's Treasure

Chico appears giving Zarina a letter that was sent to her boy Rouge. Later, he appears during the search. It is eventually revealed to why Chico has the canine features: because of Zarina's birth father is a jackal.

Meeting Team Jungle

Chico appears alongside Zarina in search for the Voltage Crystal. Along the way, he meets Team Jungle and Hikari and bonds with her.


  • Chico was originally paired with an old fan character, Flare the Wolf.
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