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Cleopatra the Jackal
Crest of Cleopatra
Personal data
Nicknames Cleo (only by Voltage)
Alias Tempest Cleopatra
Age 18-23
Gender Female
Species Mobian jackal
Occupation Founder of Kingdom of Veton
Member of Team Voltage
Chieftess of Veton (formly)
Morality Good
Living status Deceased
Fate Unknown
Additional info
Place of origin Unknown location
Residence Veton (last known)
Date of birth Unknown
Star Sign Unknown
Nationality Mobian
Hair color Black
Eye color Blue
Fur color Brown and black
Love interest Ares
Husband Ares
Mother Lian-Rose the Echidna (adoptive)
Sons Unknown
Daughters Unknown
Descendant Nefertiti, Seth, Arsinoe, Zarina the Tiger
Affiliation Team Voltage
Friends Voltage, Bicker, Prince Rocket, Prince Zoom and Rapid
Enemies Fred 'Fatso' Robotnik
Powers and skills
Ability Speed
Powers Lightning manipulation, weather manipulation, enhanced speed and agility
Skills Hand to hand combat, weapon mastery
Equipment Magical gauntlets, Staff of Cleoptra
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020
Appearances Tiger's Treasure (mentioned)

This page is comprised of Cleopatra the Jackal's relationships with various other characters she interacted with.


Team Voltage

Cleopatra was a member of Team Voltage

Veton, Kingdom of Veton

Cleopatra was the founder of the Kingdom of Veton and it's first chieftess.



Cleopatra is the ancestor of Nefertiti, Seth, and Zarina.

Love Interest


Ares was Cleopatra's love interest, and later became her future husband.


Voltage the Tiger

Voltage is Cleopatra's best friend. It is unknown how they met, but they've been best friends for a while. When Voltage found the Chaos Bow, the Chaos Staff appeared to Cleopatra at the same time.


Prince Rocket

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