Template:Farren Farren Kane is an 17-year-old anthropomorphic white wolf, the daughter of Dr. Catherine Kane, a former street performer and a member of the Loonatics.

Physical description

Farren is a beautiful young anthropomorphic gray wolf. She has light gray fur with the tip of her ears and tail being a dark color. She has long golden-blonde hair and green eyes. Her bangs are long enough to almost cover her eyes. Her Loonatics uniform is black with blue accents.


Farren is a kind, caring, and understanding young girl. She has a passion for helping children with all she can. She is also very loyal, but won't let people walk over her, smart and dedicated.


While she was unaffected by the meteorite, Farren was born with abilities due to bloodline.


  • Psychic energy manipulation: Farren is able to manipulate psychic energy.
    • Psychic energy generation: She is able to generate psychic energy. She often uses it like telekinesis.
    • Psychic energy attacks: Farren can unleash psychic energy in the form of various attacks, such as beams, olts, blasts, waves, balls and scattershots.
    • Psychic energy constructs: Farren is able to form constructs out of psychic energy.
  • Enhanced hearing: Farren has a keen sense of hearing. Though, her hearing is a lot stronger, especially when she is able to hear Duck's cell phone when she is a floor below him.
  • Enhanced sense of smell: As a canine, Farren has a strong sense of smell.


  • Hand-to-hand combat: Farren is proficient in hand-to-hand and close quarters combat.
  • Ambidexterity: Farren is ambidextrous, able to work with either or left her right hand, though she prefers to use her left.


Catherine Kane

Catherine is Farren's mother. Farren has a very strong bond with her mother


Farren knows nothing about her father. She doesn't even know his name! While she did hate her mother for a while on the father subject, she soon forgot about and remembered how her mother's job normally kept her out of normal relationships. Though, Farren does wonder who her father is.

Ace Bunny

Farren looks up to Ace, not just because of being leader, but also because of a brother-sister bond she has with him. She spars a lot with Ace to keep her skills up in shape.

Lexi Bunny

With Lexi as the only girl on the team, Farren has a strong bond with Lexi. A almost sister-like bond. Farren looks up to Lexi a lot and talks to her.

Rev Runner

Farren sees Rev has an older brother, since she is younger than him. Despite Rev's fast speaking, Farren does not get annoyed with him when he talks too much. In fact she actually enjoys it and finds it funny when someone can't understand what he is saying.

Slam Tasmanian

Farren's relationship with Slam is a normal teammate one, but with an "I'm the older brother and you're the younger sister" sort of relationship. Farren holds more respect for Slam than she does with Duck, despite not even knowing what Slam says have the time.

Danger Duck

Farren's relationship with Duck is more of a older sister and little brother "I get annoyed with you" sort of way with Farren getting very annoyed with Duck and always trying to outdo Ace or trying to be leader. Most of the time, she ends up keeping his beak shut.

Tech E. Coyote

At first, Farren saw Tech just as a friend. But as time went by and the two of them ended up doing a lot in the lab, she started to develop a crush.


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Growing Up

Farren was born and raised in Acmetroplist to Catherine Kane, who was only eighteen when she was born. Despite that, the two were able to pull through with Catherine going to college and later becoming a doctor, and using her powers to help.

Becoming a Street Prefemer

When she was in her teens, Farren was playing out with her powers when people began to come up and watch her. Seeing children laugh and clap at what she was doing made Farren continue. She soon became very well known around the area and was known as the "Flame Wolf".


  • Farren is an English name meaning "adventurous", which fits her since she does have an adventurous streak.
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