Felix the Tiger
Personal data
Alias Prince of Fire
Age 29
Gender Male
Species Mobian tiger
Occupation Crown Prince of Mystique
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Additional info
Place of origin Mystique
Nationality Mobian
Hair color Black
Eye color Amber
Fur color Dark red
Height 3'6" (110 cm)
Weight 88.2 lbs. (40 kg)
Love interest Lucia the Fox (fiancée)
Father Antonio
Mother Lilac (step), Neva (birth)
Siblings Carmen, Leya, Diego (younger siblings), Zarina (step-sister)
Ancestor Riviera
Affiliation Mystique
Friends Cloud
Enemies His father
Powers and skills
Powers Fire manipulation, enhanced strength and agility
Skills Leadership skills, close combat
Weaknesses Vulnerable to water
Equipment Crown
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020
Appearances Tiger's Treasure
I do not like how our father rules. I plan on challenging him for the throne.
Felix the Tiger

Felix the Tiger (フィーリックス・ザ・タイガー Fiirikkusu za Taigaa), also known as the Prince of Fire, is a 29-year-old anthropomorphic male Mobian tiger. He is the oldest son and child of King Antonio and late Queen Neva, the older brother of CarmenLeya, and Diego, the stepson of Lilac, and the step-brother of Zarina.

He is the Crown Prince of Mystique and also the next Head of the House of Riviera. He is engaged to his best friend, Lucia the Fox, and best friends with the Head of the House of Panthera, Cloud the Leopard.

Physical description

Felix has dark red fur with black stripes, black-gray hair and amber eyes. He wears a dark red leather jacket, brown boots, and gloves. When dealing with royal duties, he wears a crown that shows his status as the prince.


Felix is the fun go-to guy. He cares for everyone and their-well being and makes sure they are taken care of before himself. He is protective of his family - minus his Father - and cares deeply for them.


Much like his ancestor Riviera and father, Felix is gifted with the power over fire. As the heir to the valley, Felix also displays many leadership skills. Many actually prefer him over his father as leader.


  • Fire manipulation: Felix inherited the ability to control the element of fire. The range of his abilities are vast and he exhibits perfect control of this ability.
    • Blue fire manipulation: As an extension of his abilities, Felix's fire burns a bright blue.
    • Fire projection: Felix is able to project his fire in the forms of attacks.
    • Pyrokinetic Constructs: Felix can use his fire to create constructs out of flames. These constructs are solid but retain a fire around them, which will burn anything they touch. Only those resistant to fire, such as his father and Felix himself, can hold the constructs without being burned.
    • Pyrokinetic flight: Felix is able to use his fire to achieve flight. Though he doesn't like to use it as he has a fear of heights.
    • Heat manipulation: Felix can control, generate and absorb heat.
    • Fire resistance: Felix possesses a high resistance to the element as well. His body can withstand incredibly high temperatures, allowing him to remain unharmed by the fire.
  • Enhanced strength, speed, and agility


  • Expert hand-to-hand combat: Felix is an excellent fighter and utilizes his fire powers in combat.
  • Leadership skills: As the next king of Mystique, Felix has shown to be an effective leader. He is often told he is a better leader than his father.


  • Water: Felix's element of fire renders him weak against water.


  • Crown


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