Hecate (ヘカテ Hekate) is one of the original founders of Hidden Valley.


Hecate, along with her friends Magus—a technomage—and Zorya—a user in Arcane magic—traveled while avoiding Mobians who deemed her and her friends’ witches and dangerous to the Mobians who didn't have magical abilities. In hopes of keeping herself and her friends save, and Mobians like them save from those who didn't like them, Hecate searched for a place to call home.

Finally, after years of traveling and avoiding, the trio arrived to a valley that was well hidden and only those with magical abilities could locate. The trio decided to call the place home and named it Hidden Valley. While two would work on making homes, the third would go off in search for Mobians like them. Soon they gained a lot of Mobians with magical abilities, a teenage tiger named Rivera was one of them.

At some point in time, Hecate's spirit split up into eight Spirits, each possessing the power to control one of her elements. Then her Spirit of Fire gave her fire powers to Rivera and declared any of his descendants to be the rulers of Hidden Valley—with her friends agreeing.

The Elemental Spirits reside in the Temple of Hecate, along with the Spirits of Magus and Zoyra, where they will give their power to every newborn born in the Valley.

Those that Inherited her Elemental Magic


  • Hecate is named after the Greek Goddess of the same name
  • It is possible that Hecate, Zoyra and Magus knew or met Anastasia - however this is uncertain and only a rumor.
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