House of Wen-Ling
Group Information
Group Type Family
Founder Wen-Ling
Leader Cross the Dragon
Status Active

The House of Wen-Ling (ウェンリンの家 U~enrin no ie), also known as the House of the Crystal Dragons, is a group of Mobian sorcerers hailing from the Kingdom of Veton - and the only non-jackals in Veton. They are dragons with the power to manipulate crystals to their command. They were founded by Sorceress Wen-Ling and are currently led by Cross the Dragon.


Feng "Cross" Ling is the head of the House of Wen-Ling. He is a Master Crystal Sorcerer.
Mei-Qiang "Kaya" Ling is the eldest child of Cross and next in line as Head.
Ratan "Thorn" Ling is the youngest of Cross.
Wen-Ling was the original founder and ancestor of the House of Wen-Ling.


  • Crystal manipulation: The members of the Wen Ling family are able to manipulate crystals.
    • Crystal generation: They can generate solid crystals from nothing.
    • Crystal projection: They can use crystals in a variety of attacks such as bullets, blasts, beams, bombs, bolts, waves and scatter shots.
    • Crystallokinetic constructs: They can create solid constructs out of crystal, such as tools, objects, weapons, appendages, barriers and armor.
      • Crystallokinetic wing manifestation: They can form wings out of crystals. However, it requires a lot more energy, especially for Kaya, the only member to not be born with any wings.
      • Crystal exoskeleton: They can create armor out of crystal.
      • Crystal dummy: They can create a dummy out of crystal that is completely identical them.
      • Crystal duplication: They can create crystal duplicates of objects that appear identical to their base.
    • Crystallization: They can transform objects and people into crystals and back.
    • Crystal surfing: They can travel long distance at great speeds by riding aboard crystals.
    • Crystal mimicry: They can transform their bodies into solid crystal.
    • Crystal imprisonment: They can bind or imprison beings by imprisoning them inside solid crystal.
    • Diamond manipulation: They can manipulate diamonds.
    • Invisibility: By bending light off crystals, they can make objects and themselves invisible.
    • Energy absorption and redirection: They can absorb and redirect energy by channeling it through the atomic structure of the crystal.
    • Electricity generation and redirection: They can generate electricity and redirect it when heat and pressure are added to the crystals.
    • Vibration emission: By resonating their crystals, they can generate powerful shockwaves.
    • Gemstone manipulation: They can manipulate, shape and create gems and jewels.
    • Ice manipulation: Because ice has a crystalline structure, they are able to control pre-exiting ice.
    • Crystallomancy: Users are able of reading the past, present and future about someone or a location through their crystals. However, only powerful Crystal sorcerers are able to use this.


The House of Wen-Ling was founded by Wen-Ling the same Kleoias was founded by Cleopatra. Knowing that her Wen-Ling's descendants would probably suffer with what her own might have to go through, Cleopatra invited Wen-Ling to live in Kleoias: and Wen-Ling accepted. And to this day, the family of Wen-Ling continue to live in Kleoias/Veton and also work alongside the Cleopatra family as the Royal Advisors or in the Veton Army.


  • Each member is a dragon
    • Cross and Thorn are based off Western Dragons
    • Kaya is based off a Chinese Dragon
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