Isabella "Belle" Raven-Nightsky was a Extalt Death Wizard, and the mother of Taryn Nightsky. She is the late wife of Cody Nightsky and the twin sister of Liam Raven and the sister-in-law of Amy BearThorn. Isabella was a beatiful young woman with long white hair and blue eyes. Her colors were black with red accents. 

Isabella was born in the world of MarleyBone as the younger twin sister to Liam Raven. At age 15, she and Liam began to attend RavenWood. Isabella was introduced to Cody through her brother and soon the three stuck together through their years at Ravenwood. During their third year and both were Magus Wizards, Cody and Isabella confessed their feeling and began to date.

Six years later and after graduating from Ravenwood, and dating him for seven years, Cody asked for her hand in marriage, to which she accepted. Two years later, Taryn was born, but Isabella died shortly after of an unknown illness leaving Cody to raise Taryn alone.