Kaiya Yuki
Personal data
Nicknames Kai
Alias Dr. Yuki
Age 54
Gender Female
Species Human
Occupation Doctor
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Additional info
Place of origin Tokyo, Japan
Residence Phoenix, Arizona
Tokyo, Japan (formerly)
Ethnicity American-Japanese
Nationality American-Japanese
Hair color Brown, orange-brown
Eye color Chocolate brown
Skin color Average
Height 5'6"
Relatives Ryuji Yuki (son)
Jaden Yuki (grandson)
Affiliation Saint Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020
Appearances Unexpected
Kaiya Yuki, also known as Dr. Yuki, is the paternal grandmother (and legal guardian) of Jaden Yuki. Kaiya is a doctor and works at Saint Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center.

Physical description

Kaiya in terms of appearance, looks just like Jaden, having the two-tone brown hair, and brown patch, and chocolate brown eyes. Despite her age, Kaiya looks very young.


Like a normal grandmother, Kaiya is kind, caring, loving and understanding. She knows what's it like growing up without a parent as hers disowned her after she fell pregnant at age sixteen.

She cares very much for Jaden and helps him whenever she can.



  • Doctor skills
  • Medical intuition


Early life

Not much is known about Kaiya's early life. The only thing known is that she fell pregnant at just sixteen years old, with her parents disowning her and Kaiya moving to Phoenix, Arizona.

Once she got her GED, she began to look in to take courses so she could be a doctor, something she dreamed of doing since she was a little girl. She eventually gave birth to a little boy that she named Ryuji. She raised him to be right, though it didn't work when Ryuji was 21 and a baby was found on his doorstep when he was 22.

Kaiya, though saddens to what happened with her son, pushed it aside and helped her son raise the young Jaden.

Prior to Unexpected

Seven years prior to Unexpected, Ryuji was killed while in the line of duty, making her take full responsibility for Jaden. She raised him to be the very best and not do what she did. She encouraged him to do something sporty to take his mind off losing his father - she understands it is hard, she lost her son - and to try to make friends, though that didn't work.



  • Kaiya is a teen parent
  • Kaiya was originally going to be a supporting character

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