Template:Katja OliversenKatja Oliversen is a Viking girl from the Hysteria Tribe. She is the daughter of Dragon Hunter Viggo Grimborn and Kelda Oliversen, the niece of Ryker Grimborn and Brendan Oliversen. She is also the rider of Silverstorm, a male Razorwhip, and the love interest of Hiccup Haddock.

Physical description

Katja is a slim and slender young girl with long dark reddish-brown hair, often tyed back in a low ponytail, with silver-gray eyes. She wears a dark red tunic, fur vest, a dark, brown leather skirt, matching leggings and boots. She also carries a sword on her waist.


Katja is a friendly and kind young girl. She often appears innocent due to fact that she is sometimes kept out of things. No matter what, she loves and caries for her family and Silverstorm greatly.



  • Cooking: Katja is a natural cook, easily capable of making a variety of dishes.
  • Swordsmanship: Katja is very skilled in swordsmanship.
  • Combat training: Katja is well trained in combat.
  • Dragon training: Katja is skilled in training othe dragons.
  • Piloting: Katja is a skilled flier, able to easily naviage through areas.
  • Saddle understanding: Katja is very skilled in understanding complicated saddles, since she has one.


  • Physique: Despite her training, Katja still has the physical strength of a young girl and can easily be overpowered by someone or something physically stronger than her.


  • Sword: Katja's sword is her main weapon of choice.
  • Riding gear: Beacuse of Silverstorm's broken wing, Katja has a special set of riding gear, much like Hiccup and Toothless.


  • Katja is a Norwegian name.
  • Oliversen is a Norwegian surname.
  • Katja was orginally made just to used for modern universe, but the idea to bring her into the Viking world was brought on.
  • Katja's background varies, depending on what story she is in.
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