Kaya the Dragon
Personal data
Nicknames Kaya (preferred name)
Alias Crystal Dragon
Age 21
Gender Female
Species Mobian dragon
Occupation Traveling crystal collector
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Additional info
Place of origin Kingdom of Veton
Residence Traveling with Caper the Bull
Date of birth August 3, 1985
Star Sign Leo
Nationality Mobian
Hair color Black, blue streaks
Eye color Amber
Skin color Tan
Scale color Light blue
Height 3'5"
Love interest Caper the Bull
Father Feng "Cross" Ling
Mother Unnamed (most likely deceased)
Siblings Ratan "Thorn" Ling
Sons Liam
Daughters Mala
Ancestor Wen-Ling
Affiliation House of Wen-Ling, Kingdom of Veton, Team Deception
Friends Rascal the Goat, Haze the Bull
Enemies Dr. Robotnik, Metal Sonic
Powers and skills
Ability Power
Powers Crystal manipulation, gemstone manipulation, enhanced strength, agility and durability
Skills Combat training, extensive knowledge on crystals and gemstones, multilingual
Weaknesses Not able to fly
Equipment Bag of crystals and gemstones, book on gemstones and crystals
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020
I'm the only one of my family not to be able to fly. I’m fine with that, I can make up for my combat with crystals.
Kaya the Dragon


Born Mei-Qiang, she later took the name Kaya was a nickname. Kaya was born into the prestigious House of Wen-Ling who have long since been the Advisor for the ruling family, the House of Cleopatra, of the Kingdom of Veton.

Kaya was the first born of her father, Feng (who later took the nickname Cross) and his wife, but after the birth of her younger brother Ratan (later taking the nickname Thorn), her mother abandoned the family for unknown reasons to Kaya and Thorn. Her father almost fell into a depressive state, but Kaya and Thorn were able to help him.

Many years later, Kaya wished to explore the world. With permission from both her father and Chieftess Nefertiti, Kaya was able to leave and travel. She also had a mission from her Chieftess: finding where her son, Seth and former Heir,  was. Kaya was not going to let her Chieftess down and vowed to find him, while also exploring the world. 

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