Legend City
Location statistics
Capital N/A
Located in Frey
Status Active
Legend City is the capital of Frey and ones of the most famous cities.. Legend City is also where Domino City used to be.

Points of Interest

Legend Academy

Run by Chancellor Alexandria Croft, Legend Academy is the local school. Doubling as a school and orphanage, many orphaned students are sent here.


One of the top companies, KaibaCorp is a corporate entity specializing in the entertainment and gaming industry; more specifically, it is aimed at creating technologies centered around the Duel Monsters game. The CEO is Raiden Kaiba, a descendant of Seto Kaiba, and the co-CEO is his younger sister Sakiya Kaiba.

Industrial Illusions

Industrial Illusions, alongside KaibaCorp, are one of the companies that was around during the time of Yugi Muto. Originally stationed someone in American (now no longer around), II2 was built in Legend City and nearby KaibaCorp so the two companies could work side-by-side. 

The CEO is Chloe Campbell.

Legend Train Station

One of the cities most used ways of transportation. The train is one of the most populated ways to getting to another location.

Legend Bus Stop

Legend City Airport

Legend City Cemetery

The local cemetery. Brooklyn Rey was buried here by her eldest daughter Ashley


The local docks that goes to any other city or town with docks. Legend City has a wide spread of ships and boats.


Legend City is where Domino City used to reside. After many years, Domino City went down in ruins but there are still some places of Domino that still remain, ie KaibaCorp.


Legend City is where Domino City used to reside. Something happened int he past causing it to go down in ruins. Legend City was build on top of it but some landmarks still reside.


In the present, Legend City is the capital of Frey and one of the most populated cities.


  • Legend City is named due to the fact that Yugi Muto is a legend to the people of Frey.
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