Lucille "Lucy" Morgans is the daughter of Evelyn Morgans and Adam Morgans and a first grader. She had an elder brother named Devin, but he was killed in a car crash when he was 16. She was only two. Lucy originally met Emmy and Carlie Yuki during recess and saw some girl bullying them due to the fact that she had no friends. Lucy was part of the bullies but after seeing them bully the girls, left them and became friends with Jemma, despite her being at least a year or two younger.

Lucy has short dark blue hair and brown eyes, both of which she got from her father. She is very mature for her age and despises bullying. When she gets older, she duels with a Knight/Harpy Lady Deck, but unlike her best friend, she cannot see Duel Spirits, but she does believe in them.

The "Trials" series