Maiko Yuki (メーコ ユキ Meeko Yuki) is the wife of Ryuji Yuki, mother of Jaden Yuki, and stepmother of Seina Saito-Yuki. Maiko has light brown hair and amber-brown eyes. She knew about her husband sleeping with another woman during a fight she and Ryuji had but got over it. What she didn't know what that Ryuji got the woman pregnant. A few days after Jaden was born, Maiko went to work only to learn that the woman that Ryuji had gotten pregnant, passed away from cancer. The child, Seina, was going to be put in foster care. Not wanting that to happen, Maiko took the child and adopted her. She and Ryuji played it off that she and Jaden were twins. They kept the secret for almost sixteen years until Seina found someone that showed her that Maiko was not her mother.

Unlike her husband, Maiko didn't work as long of hours and was there for most of her children's childhood. She is set to appear during the school duels, supporting her soon with his dueling passion. Unlike her children, Maiko is not a duelist and doesn't fully understand some things, allowing her to bond with Freyja Reynolds on that matter. 

Alternate Counterparts

The "Trials" series
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