Marcus Storm
Personal data
Alias Alpha Storm
Alpha Marcus
Age 46
Gender Male
Species Werewolf
Age Changed 17
Occupation Alpha of the Storm River Pack
Forks tribe elder
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Additional info
Place of origin London, England
Residence Forks, Washington
Ethnicity English-American
Nationality English-American
Hair color Black
Eye color Sky blue
Skin color Tan
Height 6'8"
Relatives Maya Storm (wife)
Elijah Storm (son)
Courtney Storm (daughter)
Kellan Storm (son)
Cody Storm (twin brother)
Nicole Storm (sister-in-law)
Brody Storm (nephew)
Stacy Storm (niece)
Jackson and Noelle Storm (parents)
Affiliation Storm River Pack, Storm Cliff Pack, North Cairo Pack, Danaiels Denali Pack, Yuki Forest Pack
Powers and skills
Bloodline Storm family
Ability Alpha Voice
Powers Phasing, regeneration, mind link, supernatural strength, Enhanced speed, agility, stamina, senses
Skills Leadership skills, hand to hand combat
Weaknesses Protective of family, wolfsbane, silver
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020
Appearances Caught Between Two Worlds
Marcus Storm, also known as Alpha Marcus or Alpha Storm, is the alpha of the Storm River Pack. He is the mate/wife of Luna Maya, the older brother of Cody Storm, alpha of the Storm Cliff Pack, the father of Elijah, Courtney and Kellan Storm, uncle of Brody and Stacy Storm, brother-in-law of Luna Nicole and the son of former Storm River Pack Alpha and Luna, Jackson and Noelle Storm. He is also a elder of the Forks Tribes.

Physical description

Marcus is described as looking like a model and rather handsome. He has shoulder-length black hair with a well-toned medium frame, gentle sky blue eyes and tanned skin. He stands at the same height as Alpha Arata Yuki of the Yuki Forest Pack.

As a wolf, Marcus is a large jet black wolf with sky blue eyes. 


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  • Phasing: Marcus is capable of phasing into his wolf form and back into his human form. As an older werewolf, Marcus is able to phase quickly if needs are.
  • Alpha voice: Marcus possesses an "Alpha Voice" which makes him able to make pack members do what he wants.
  • Regeneration: Marcus has a powerful regenerative healing factor. This allows him to heal at an abnormal rate, faster than any human being can.
  • Mind link: Marcus is able to telepathically talk to the members of his pack.
    • Mind link with Wolf: Like all werewolves, Marcus is able to telepathically speak with his Wolf, Leon.
  • Supernatural strength: Marcus possesses supernatural strength which makes him stronger than a normal human.
  • Enhanced agility and speed: Marcus possesses enhanced speed and agility which makes him faster than a normal human.
  • Enhanced stamina: Marcus possesses enhanced stamina which makes him not tire out as easily.
  • Enhanced senses: Marcus's senses are stronger than a normal human's allowing him to see in the darkness, and can hear and smell much more than a normal human.
  • Mate bond: Marcus has a special bond that links him to Maya. He is able to feel her pain and she is with him.


  • Leadership skills: As alpha, Marcus is skilled in leading his pack into battle and keeping everyone organized.
  • Hand to hand combat: Marcus is skilled in hand to hand combat.
    • Fighting skills: Marcus is also skilled in fighting while in his wolf form.


  • Silver: Like all werewolves, Silver can greatly hurt Marcus.
  • Wolfsbane: If used, Wolfsbane can cause Marcus to not have any contact with Leon. If enough is used, it could possibly kill Marcus.


Early life

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  • Marcus plays Billy Black's role.
Caught Between Two Worlds