Mythic Beasts
Group Information
Founder N/A
Leader Darkness Cerberus
Status Active

The Mythic Beasts are a group of 9 Duel Monsters Spirits with the power over a respected Element. They are the servants of the mighty queen Juno. Nothing is known about Juno herself, but the rest are absolutely loyal to her and obey her every command. It is said that Cerberus is the closest to her.


Known as the King of Shadows, Darkness Cerberus represents the element of darkness. He is partnered with Kieryn Rey and his evolved form is Shadow Cerberus.
Known as the Wolf of Ice, Ice Wolf represents the element of ice. He is partnered with Avery Michaels and his evolved form is Tundra Wolf.
Known as the Lightning Wings, Lightning Phoenix represents the element of lightning. He is partnered with Seina Ryuenji and his evolved form is Thunder Phoenix.
Known as Calming Light, Light Kitsune is the calmest of the Mythic Beasts. She represents the element of light. She is partnered with Mitchell Jordan and her evolved form is Shining Kitsune.
Known as Soaring Swift, Wind Pegasus represents the element of wind. He is partnered with Stephanie Hawkins and his evolved form is Tornado Pegasus.
Known as Flaming Streak, Fire Griffon represents the element of fire. He is partnered with Paige Quinton and his evolved form is Firestorm Griffon.
Known as Tidal Serpent, Water Leviathan represents the element of water. She is partnered with Josh Quinton and her evolved form is Hurricane Leviathan.
Known as Scared Life, Wood Qilin represents the element of wood. She is partnered with Ciara Clarkson and her evolved form is Spring Qilin.
Known as Shifting Rock, Earth Ram represents the element of earth. She is partnered with Christopher Kendrick and her evolved form is Terra Ram.




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