Neva the Fox
Personal data
Nicknames Snowstorm Neva
Alias Queen Neva
Age 36 (at death)
Gender Female
Species Mobian fox
Occupation Queen of Hidden Valley (formerly)
Morality Good
Living status Deceased
Fate Died to illness
Additional info
Place of origin Hidden Valley
Nationality Mobian
Hair color Platinum blonde
Eye color Gold
Fur color Pale blue, almost white
Husband Antonio
Sons Felix and Diego
Daughters Carmen and Leya
Grandchildren Chione, Nyla
Ancestor Hecate's Spirit of Ice
Affiliation House of Riviera
Friends Athena
Powers and skills
Powers Ice manipulation
Skills House caring skills
Weaknesses Fire, and heat
Equipment Crown
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020

Neva the Fox (ネイヴァ・ザ・フォックス Neiva za Fokkusu), also called Snowstorm Neva, was a 36 year old anthropomorphic female Mobian arctic fox and former queen of Hidden Valley. She is the late wife of Antonio and the mother of Felix, Carmen, Leya, and Diego.

Physical description

Neva was a beautiful pale blue, almost white, fox with long platinum blonde hair and gold eyes. She wore a pale creamy yellow dress with black sandals and gold bracelets and rings. She also wore a gold crown.


Neva was a kind caring mother, caring for everyone in the valley. She had the unique gift of being able to keep Antonio in place when he acted unfair - which happened a lot - her son Felix, inherited this trait, but has yet to show it.


Neva was gifted with the power over ice and snow and was very skillful in using them.


  • Ice manipulation: Neva inherited the power to control ice and snow. Neva was a master at using her powers for many things, including the power to create a blizzard.
    • Ice constructs: Neva was able to make constructs out of ice.
    • Cold energy manipulation: Neva was able to control cold energy and unleash it in the forms of attacks.
    • Cold resistance: Neva had a strong resistance to extreme cold temperatures.


  • House caring skills: As per tradition, Neva was taught to learn the skills that all the women in the Valley were to learn: cooking, cleaning, sewing, and taking care of the family.


  • Fire and heat: Neva's ice could easily be melted by flames and heat.


  • Crown


  • Neva is Spanish for "snowy".
  • Neva originally had telekinesis, but was changed to match her name.
  • Neva was originally a tiger.
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