Perseus Estrella
Perseus Estrella
Personal data
Gender Male
Species Pegasus pony
Occupation Captain of the Oceania Royal Guard (Equestria)
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Additional info
Place of origin Oceania
Residence Oceania
Hair color Vivid cerulean and Deep cobalt blue
Eye color Luminous vivid yellow
Fur color Dark azureish gray
Relatives Unnamed birth parents
King Andros (adoptive father)
Queen Selena (adoptive mother)
Prince Blade (adoptive brother)
Princess Andromeda (adoptive sister)
Princess Isis (adoptive niece)
Cassiopeia Shine (wife)
Orion Blade (son)
Aqarius Starlight (daughter)
Affiliation Oceania
Powers and skills
Powers Flight
Skills Leadership skills, battle training
Equipment Armor
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020

Perseus Estrella is the husband of Cassiopeia Shine and the father of Orion Blade and Aquarius Starlight.


Perseus was born and raised in Oceania - a kingdom away from Equestria. Perseus was an orphan, not knowing his family. He was raised by the royal family of Oceania - King Andros and Queen Selena and their children, Prince Blade and Princess Andromeda. He later joined the royal guard and became one of their best members and later captain.

Sometime later, he met Cassiopeia Shine - a royal guard from the kingdom of Equestria - and it was love at first sight. They later married and he became the father of Orion and Aquarius. Sometime later, he became co-captain of the royal guard of Oceania alongside his wife.

His cutie mark is the Perseus constellation.


  • Perseus is named after the constellation of the same name.
  • Perseus' name is in reference to Percy Jackson from the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series.