Personal data
Alias Selina Winters
Age 16 (Season 2)
Gender Female
Species Human
Deck "Lunalights"
Occupation Student of Duel Academy
Morality Evil
Living status Alive
Additional info
Place of origin Unknown
Residence Domino City, Japan
Nationality Japanese
Hair color Dark blue-black
Eye color Brown
Skin color Pale
Love interest Lucas Velox
Relatives Sartorius (older brother)
Sarina (older sister)
Affiliation Society of Light
Powers and skills
Weaknesses Her family
Equipment Duel Disk
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020
Appearances Trials of Light
Trials of Dimensions
Trials of Nightmares
Selina, also known as Selina Winters as a cover name, is the younger sister of Sartorius and Sarina. Dueling with the "Lunalights", she is a freshmen at Duel Academy and the love interest of Lucas Velox.

Physical appearance

Selina is a young girl with long almost waist-length dark blue, black hair and brown eyes. She keeps her hair tied back. She wears the normal Obelisk Blue girl uniform plus a special bracelet on her right wrist.


Her personality is unknown.



  • Materializing Duel Monsters: Like her older sister Sarina, Selina is able to materialize Duel Monsters. However, to prevent from using her power while at Duel Academy, she wears a special bracelet.


  • Her family: Selina is very protective over her brother and sister, to which someone can use it to blackmail her.


  • Duel Disk


Selina is the youngest sister of Sartorius and Sarina making her the baby of the bunch. This caused her siblings to be very protective over her but made them all very close. Growing up, they were shunned and humiliated by others because of their abilities. Eventually, they became friends with a young Aster Phoenix.

Chaos of the Light

Selina makes her appearance in the first chapter, A New Year, as a freshman at Duel Academy. In the same chapter, she challenges second-year Kylie Reynolds to a duel, as ordered by her brother. That is where Selina sees and underestimates the power of Kylie's "Dracosmos".


Selina plays a "Lunalight" Deck focused on Fusion Summoning. Her ace card is "Lunalight Cat Dancer", which she reinforces with cards such as "Lunalight White Rabbit", "Lunalight Perfume" and "Lunalight Dance" to disrupt the opponent's field and allow "Cat Dancer" to attack multiple times via its effect. She does have non -Fusion she uses as well, never focusing on either Fusion Summoning or the other Summoning. She does this to confuse her opponent.

Lunalight Deck
Effect Monsters
  • Lunalight Black Sheep
  • Lunalight Blue Cat x2
  • Lunalight Purple Butterfly x2
  • Lunalight White Rabbit
Extra Deck
Fusion Monsters
  • Lunalight Cat Dancer
  • Lunalight Leo Dancer
  • Lunalight Panther Dancer
  • Lunalight Perfume
  • Lunar Eclipse
  • Polymerization x2
  • Lunalight Dance
  • Lunalight Reincarnation Dance


  • Selina was originally a Chinese girl named Xiao Lian Shang, but was changed to add some more drama to the series.
The "Trials" series