Taryn Nightsky
Personal data
Age 10 (First Year)
Gender Female
Species Human
Occupation Wizard
Classification Death class
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Additional info
Place of origin Avalon
Residence Wizard City
Hair color Dark brown, light streaks
Eye color Dark red
Skin color Average
Relatives Father: Cody Nightsky
Mother: Isabella Raven-Nightsky
Uncle: Liam Raven
Aunt: Amy BearThorn
Grandmother: Alice Nightsky
Powers and skills
Powers Magic, spell casting
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020
Taryn Olivia Nightsky is a 10 year old Necromancer attending Ravenwood. She is the only daughter of Cody Nightsky and Isabella Raven-Nightsky and the niece of Liam Raven and Amy BearThorn

Physical description

Taryn has shoulder-length dark brown, almost black hair, with streaks of platinum blonde and amber-red eyes. She also has pale skin. Her wizarding robes are white with red accents and sometimes white with black accents. She is always seen with her pet Leopard named Roxy.





Parents: Cody Nightsky and Isabella Raven-Nightsky are Taryn's father and mother. Her relatiopnship with her parents isn't normal as her mother died after she was born and her father went missing when she was around three years old.

Uncle: Liam Raven is Aryn's uncle, her mother's twin brother.


Taryn was born to Cody NIghtsky and Isabella Raven-NIghtsky in Avalon. Her uncle was there to see her birth as well as her aunt, who was her uncle's fiancee then. 

Before attending Ravenwood, Taryn lived with her grandmother, Alice Nightsky, Cody's mother. Taryn was sent to live with Alice shortly after Isabella's passing. Liam couldn't take her in as he was just starting his teaching career as Prof. Malistaire Drake's assistant.


  • Taryn is based off Cloudspirit14's actually Death Wizard, Erin.