Group Information
Colors AeroBlueColor Aero Blue
BlackOliveColor Black Olive
BeauBlueColor Beau Blue
RoyalAzureColor Royal Blue
Group Type Team
Leader Aspen Braith
Members Aspen Braith
Merla Nyla
Beau Babineaux
Royalle Reynard
Status Active

Team AMBR (pronounced as "Amber") is a team from Beacon Academy consisting of Aspen Braith, Merla Nyla, Beaufort "Beau" Babineaux, and Royalle Reynard. By the time RWBY joins, AMBR, and Team CBTL, are in their fourth and final year. 


Aspen Braith is the leader of Team AMBR. He wields a dual shifting gun sabre called Frostbane.
Merla Nyla is a member of Team AMBR. She wields a whip-sword called Double Eclipse.
Beau Babineaux is a member of Team AMBR. He wields a shifting dust-empowered spear named Rogue Strike.
Royalle Reynard is a member of Team AMBR. She wields a double-bladed axe named Fragment.



  • Team AMBR went through two possible names (WEAT and OPAL) before deciding on AMBR.
  • Team AMBR is the only team to have three members with different shades of the same color, in this case, its blue.


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