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Tyler King
Personal data
Alias Mr. King
Age 50's
Gender Male
Species Human
Occupation Owner of King's Diner
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Additional info
Place of origin Galveston, Texas
Residence Houston, Texas
Ethnicity American
Nationality American
Hair color Black
Eye color Steel-blue
Skin color Average
Height 6'8"
Relatives Lucas King (father)
Zaylin King (mother)
Melanie King (wife, deceased)
Aria King (step-daughter)
Affiliation King family
Friends Devon Reynolds, Samara Lavor
Powers and skills
Skills Business management, restaurant ownership skills, cooking, multitasking
Weaknesses Protective of Aria
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020
Appearances Past to the Present
Trials of Darkness (mentioned)
Legend of the Dragons (mentioned)
Next Generation
Unexpected (alternate counterpart)
Caught Between Two Worlds (alternate counterpart)
Tyler King (タイラー・キング Tairaa Kingu) is the step-father of Aria King, the husband of Melanie King. He is also the owner of King's Diner, having inherited it from his father, Lucas King.


Tyler was born in Galveston, Texas but then he and his parents moved to Houston where they opened up King's Diner.

He attended the University of Texas in Austin, where he would later meet Melanie Dubois. Tyler first met Melanie's daughter Aria, by pure accident, when he was paired with Melanie for an assignment. While he was shocked, he found Aria to be very cute and quickly bonded with her - making Melanie very happy. He eventually asked Melanie out, to which she said yes, the two began to date. He eventually asked Melanie to marry him right after they finished college - with Aria's blessing of course.

Tyler met Aria's boyfriend, Blake Reynolds, when he came to pick Aria up. Tyler was impressed with Blake, seeing how he acted and talked to Aria. He also noticed that Blake never kissed her, only when he asked her to become his girlfriend.


  • Like his Unexpected and Caught Between Two Worlds counterparts, Tyler is the owner of King's Diner.
  • Despite his age, Tyler looks very young, Aria says he looks like he's in his forties rather than fifties.
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