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Zarina the Tiger
Crest of Cleopatra
Zarina the Tiger No BG

Zarina is a freelance mercenary and treasure hunter.

Personal data
Nicknames "Treasure"
Alias "White Tiger"
Age 15
Gender Female
Species Mobian tiger/jackal hybrid
Occupation Treasure Hunter
Freelance mercenary
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Additional info
Place of origin Hidden Valley
Residence Traveling over Mobius
Date of birth Unknown
Nationality Mobian
Hair color Black, white
Eye color Light blue
Fur color White, black stripes
Height 3'2"
Love interest Sonic the Hedgehog
Father Seth (birth)
Antonio (step)
Mother Lilac the Tiger
Siblings Felix, Carmen, Leya, Diego (maternal step-siblings)
Leila (paternal step-sister)
Cousins Aithne (maternal second cousin)
Aunt Arsinoe (paternal), Sapphire (maternal great)
Grandparents Nefertiti (paternal)
Anber and Brisa (maternal)
Ancestor Cleopatra
Affiliation Chico
Friends Knuckles, Rouge
Enemies Dr. Eggman, rival mercenaries
Powers and skills
Ability Speed
Powers Lightning manipulation, black lightning manipulation, voltage transformation, enhanced speed and agility
Skills Hand-to-hand combat, weapon mastery, acrobatics, stealth and infiltration, extensive knowledge on crystals and gemstones, tracking
Weaknesses Water (can't swim)
Equipment Staff of Cleopatra, Cleopatra's gauntlets
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020
Appearances Tiger's Treasure
I want to follow my own destiny, not one that my parents decide for me!
Zarina the Tiger


Early life

Zarina hails from the Hidden Valley. She is the youngest daughter of Lilac and the only daughter of Seth and the half-sister of Felix, Carmen, Leya, Diego, and Leila.

Growing up, Zarina believed that Antonio was her father, since he was a tiger and so was she. But after recovering the Tiger’s Treasure, Zarina learned the truth: Seth was her real father.

Tiger's Treasure

Before she knew that Seth was her father, Zarina had run away to find her own destiny. She was only 10 when she ran away. Four years later, she has become a well-known treasure hunter and mercenary known as La Blanca Tigressa. She was soon charged with finding a rare and powerful artifact called the Tiger’s Treasure.

During the search, she became friends with Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends, and soon found herself falling for the blue hedgehog. She and her new friends eventually discovered the location of the Tiger’s Treasure, but also running into her brother Felix, who revealed a shocking truth: Seth was her father.

Wanting to make sure this was true, Zarina continued on to get the Tiger’s Treasure, and the gem proved that what Felix said was true, and that was when her powers were finally unlocked.

After the Tiger's Treasure

After learning the truth of her family, Zarina goes to her father's home, the Kingdom of Veton to learn more about her ancestor. There, she meets her grandmother, Nefertiti and bonds right away with her. Before leaving in search for the Voltage Crystal, Nefertiti gives Zarina Cleopatra's gauntlets to help her control her new found powers.

Meeting Team Jungle

Alternate versions

Camelot and Veton

Main article: Princess Zarina

In a full out royal story, Zarina appears as the Princess of Veton who is traveling to find help to fight against Black Doom who has killed her family and taken over the throne of Veton. She travels to Camelot where she meets the Royal Wizard, Sparklie, and the king, Sonic. 

Sonic and the Black Knight

Main article: Guinevere

Zarina's Arthurian Times counterpart is Queen Guinevere. Her physical appearance is still the same, except she wears a light red knee-length dress, a hooded cape, and dark red boots. She also wears dark gray metal glove-like gauntlets. She is also the forced queen of King Arthur after he became corrupted.

Sonic Boom

In a Sonic Boom spin off, Zarina's background is altered, instead of growing up in Hidden Valley, Zarina grew up with her father in Veton. Moments after she was born, Lilac gave Zarina to Seth and with the help of Felix, helped Seth escape with Zarina.

Sonic Underground

Main article: Chaos in Robotropolis

In the Sonic Underground universe, Zarina is the younger step-sister of Felix, the king of Hidden Valley, who took over by showing the people the true nature of his father, former King Antonio. Seth and Lilac, Zarina's parents, were killed when she was very young, causing Felix to become very protective of her. However, his protective nature began to cease as she got older thanks to his girlfriend/wife Liane the Wolf. Around her teen years, with the permission from her brother, Zarina goes to explore Mobotropolis, unaware that it has been taken over by Dr. Ivo Robotnik. She later meets the Sonic Underground on their quest to find their mother, Queen Aleena and defeat Robotnik.

In this version, Zarina appears as an upbeat young girl who loves adventures and extreme sports. Despite being raised as royalty, she in fact does not hate her life. Her brother made it possible for her to enjoy life and not worry about being princess. However, deep down, Zarina is scared to lose those close to her as her parents were killed when she was very young. Like her normal counterpart, Zarina has her lightning powers, but unlike the original version, her powers appeared early on.

Sonic Unleashed

Main article: Rise of Gaia

Zarina is the girlfriend of Sonic the Hedgehog. While spending time with him, she is captured by Dr. Eggman who wants to use her powers to awaken a great force; however, she is saved by Sonic. Sonic then tells Zarina to get off the ship and that he will meet her later. For a few days, Zarina has not heard from Sonic which worries her. Zarina then heads to Spagonia to search for her two friends.

Sonic X

Main article: Project Z

Unlike her normal counterpart, the Sonic X, Zarina, named Project Z, is on the side of evil, having been "created" by Dr. Eggman. Zarina goes with Shadow and Rouge in collecting the Chaos Emeralds. But during a few run ins with Sonic and his friends, Zarina begins to think, is she on the right path?

Alternate World

Main article: The Blur Blur Returns

Zarina discovers an injured Sonic the Hedgehog near Raven's Peak. She takes him home and she has her half-sister, Leya restore him back to health. Zarina then learns that Sonic was wrongly accused of something that he did not do, so he was banished from Mobotropolis but not before getting attacked. Zarina told Sonic that he was injured pretty bad and was unable to heal his right eye, thus making Sonic loose his sight in that eye.

Eight years later, Zarina has married Sonic and is the mother to his children, three year old Amethyst. However, their happy time soon comes to an end, as word has gotten to them that Dr. Eggman and Metal Sonic are attacking the city.

Sonic is unsure about returning as he is "banished" from returning. But Zarina is able to persuade him into returning and reminds him that he is not alone. Sonic finally decides to return to help, but Zarina then begins to worry, that if they do go and help, something might happen to their children. Sonic assures her that they can leave their kids with one of his old friends’ mother. Zarina agrees and so she, their kids and Sonic head back to Mobius.

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